Fix System Error and Improve PC Performance!

About Us

Performance Mechanic software to make your computer faster, more secure and have greater privacy and a comprehensive software application which, apart from protecting your privacy and managing your system startup, combats a variety of PC-envy factors.

Our team is a combination of late-working, highly-skilled staff and a heavy dose of caffeine. Together we design, create and maintain the software.

Computer starts getting slower and slower due to the following critical reasons:

1.Registry-related factors such as invalid entries, missing file references, dead keys, etc

2.Junk clutters in registry, invalid file type pointers, and more

3.Reducing efficiency of Internet and browser due to build up of cache and cookies

4.Overloading of disk space by temporary files, setup logs and activity traces

5.Too many programs lined up at start up, causing your PC to run out of RAM

6.No space on hard drives to provide virtual memory through swapping or page files

So We develop those software's which can fix the critical problems within a flick of a second and which are very user friendly for the basic users.